Monday, 30 April 2012

Purple Tip Manicure


Today i'm going to post a few pictures of a manicure that i did with a french tip and also added some flowers to spice it up a little.

The above picture was only with the flowers and the below ones i added a few dots to make it a little more prettier. 

I've tried this manicure with different colored tips and i must say you can have a lot of fun with this because french tips look very nice in a variety of different colors. Unfortunately i dont have any other pictures of the other colors that i've tried but in the future if i do it again i'll definitely share it here. 

French tip manicures are one of my favorite kinds of nail arts to do because it doesnt take a long time and it has potential for me to be creative and i've seen a lot of nice things posted on the net. So much Fun!

Until next time, Happy Nail Arting! =)

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