Friday, 27 April 2012

Spring Fever

Spring is here! Flowers are going to be blooming soon so why not add some fun to your nails. One of my favorite Youtube channels for Nail Art is cutepolish. Today i tried one of her tutorials and it looks fab! Check out the pictures below. The link to the tutorial is :


  Some of her tutorials are so so cute! So for this one again i only used a peach nail polish (Sally Hansen) as the first coat and then used purple and white for the flowers (some random polish i got from Urban Planet). As i've mentioned in my first post, i will not be concentrating on brand names and that sort of thing for the nail arts because i want you guys to try and have fun and get creative. If you dont have a peach colour, just use pink or any other light colour, it will look just as nice! Here's my final outcome (i just happened to have peach colour at home):

Ill be posting more soon. Happy Nail Arting! =)

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